Bushmills 16 Year Old


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70cl  Bottle • 40% ABV
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Bushmills 16 Year Old

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This distinctive Irish malt matures for 16 years in a series of sherry-, bourbon- and port wine-seasoned casks. It’s a unique combination, which we gratefully credit for the whiskey’s deep notes of fruits, nuts and spice.
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  • Bushmills 16 Year Old
  • Bushmills 16 Year Old
Ireland’s only
Bushmills, in County Antrim, is the only ‘grain to grass’ distillery in Ireland and one of only a handful in the world.
Hot air
Bushmills takes unpeated malted barley (dried by hot air, not peat fire) for a non-smoky flavour, and triple distils in slender pots.
Mixed sleep
Maturation takes 16 years in a distinctive mix of former bourbon and Oloroso sherry casks, followed by several more months in port wine barrels.

Signature Serves

Bushmills 16 Year Old With a Drop of Water

One of the best and boldest Irish malts, this is a good choice if you want to try an alternative to scotch.

Signature Serves
An excellent match for someone who likes Shiraz, dark rum or scotch.
Bushmills 16 Year Old With a Drop of Water
How to pour it
  1. 50ml Bushmills 16 Year Old

Pour into a snifter and add the tiniest splash of water, just a drop at a time.
This is a good dessert malt that also goes well with dark chocolate and cheese.
15.8g alcohol / 2 standard units
Did You Know?
In 2008, the Bank of Ireland put the old Bushmills distillery on its £5 banknotes to mark 400 years of local distilling.
Most Irish whiskey is distilled three times. Scotch is normally distilled twice.
Bushmills makes a cameo appearance in the 1982 film The Verdict

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