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Johnnie Walker Blue Label

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70cl  Bottle • 40% ABV
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This flagship label, Johnnie Walker’s rarest piece of handiwork, has won more gold medals for excellence than any other super premium whisky, and we wouldn’t dream of arguing.

It’s a big flavourful blend, not a beginner’s whisky, and a very, very big gift for someone worthy.



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  • Johnnie Walker Blue Label
  • Johnnie Walker Blue Label
Fine repro
The master blender combines small batches of around 16 elusive malts, including Royal Lochnagar, to recreate the taste of 19th century whiskies.
Strict line up
Only 1 in 10,000 scotch casks makes the grade. Each prized bottle is serial numbered in a blue lacquered box with a certificate of authenticity.
Rare depth
Supplies are limited by the rarity and expense of the malts in the blend. They mature to their peak for a deeply layered, smooth and powerful character.

Signature Serves

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Neat

A rare blend to celebrate the most special occasions and achievements. A wonderful gift for someone who'll appreciate what is an intensely layered sipping experience.

Signature Serves
Take your time over the particularly long and smoky finish of pepper and spice.
Johnnie Walker Blue Label Neat
How to pour it
  1. 50ml Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Best savoured neat in a Johnnie Walker Blue Crystal Glass. Cool and cleanse the palate with iced water on the side. Also try served over ice.

15.8g alcohol / 2 standard units
Did You Know?
The late US President Nixon was a fan of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, enjoying it with ginger ale and a slice of lemon.
The ‘striding man’ was one of the world’s first globally recognisable advertising icons.
Alexander Walker designed the company’s square bottle in order to pack more into shipping boxes and prevent breakages.

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