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Johnnie Walker Platinum 18 Years Old

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70cl  Bottle • 40% ABV
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Three words come to mind: style, substance, sophistication. Johnnie Walker Platinum is a modern reflection of the company’s tradition of creating private blends for special occasions. Living up to its name, this remarkably rich whisky is meant for the contemporary drinker’s own special celebrations.



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  • Johnnie Walker Platinum 18 Years Old
  • Johnnie Walker Platinum 18 Years Old
Intense style
A subtle smoky taste embodies the characteristic full flavours of Johnnie Walker and the elegant sweet style of Speyside.
Family treasure
The Walkers’ ‘treasured’ private blends were traditionally created as celebratory bottles for family, favoured customers and directors of the company.
Suitably rich
The diverse characters of whiskies from more than 30 different distilleries and wooden casks are balanced to create a deeply layered 18-year-old blend.

Signature Serves

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label Neat

By invitation only, this is a rich, dark and subtly smoky whisky for intimate social gatherings. Ice code: a cube or two optional.

Signature Serves
Look out for tangerine, almonds, vanilla, malty cereal and stewed fruit in the mix.
Johnnie Walker Platinum Label Neat
How to pour it
  1. 50ml Johnnie Walker Platinum Label

Enjoy neat or on the rocks in a Johnnie Walker Platinum Tumbler.

15.8g alcohol / 2 standard units
Did You Know?
John Walker’s parents had a farm near Kilmarnock. When young John’s father died in 1819, the farm was sold for £537.15.
Johnnie Walker has been winning international awards since 1879.
Alexander Walker designed the company’s square bottle in order to pack more into shipping boxes and prevent breakages.

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