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Spontaneous rewards and access to the exclusive events

Issue: 3

    e know. You’re already a member of countless loyalty programs, most of which offer points for things you don’t want. At Alexander & James, we’re a little different. If you become a member today, your benefits begin immediately.

Become an Alexander & James member

The Perks

    And when you share your preferences with us, we’ll offer you spontaneous rewards that are tailored to your tastes. Fine spirits fanatics will have first access to limited edition, exclusive bottles and tastings that only Alexander & James can offer. Cocktail and nightlife lovers will receive spontaneous invites for some of the UK’s hottest events. That’s right, Alexander & James can open the door to events like fashion week, film premiers and seasonal parties attended by celebrities one would actually want to mingle with. Gift givers can link into Facebook to get reminders and gift suggestions for upcoming birthdays and occasions. And we’re fairly sure that all of our members would enjoy receiving a free sample once in a while.

If you become a member today, your benefits begin immediately.

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