Missionary’s downfall

We've all got our weaknesses

Issue: 11

iki cocktails were born in the 1930s as the brainchild of seasoned traveller, collector, bootlegger and, late-in-life movie set designer, Don Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt. He decorated a bar in Hollywood with the trophies he said he had acquired during a series of voyages to the south seas. Then, he promptly renamed himself and the bar Don the Beachcomber. Akin to a mad scientist in a lab, Don the Beachcomber set about creating a series of increasingly complicated drinks recipes – using up to 12 ingredients – he said were redolent of the communities he visited. The missionary’s downfall ranks among his most memorable creations. Here is the A&J rendition.

Missionary’s downfall

  • 50 ml Zacapa 23 rum
  • 15 ml simple honey syrup
  • 25ml peach schnaaps
  • handful of mint leaves
  • 1 quartered lime
  • A&J tumbler

In a rocks glass, add the mint first then place the lime quarters on top. Muddle this until the limes are thoroughly juiced and the mint well-bruised. Then add cracked ice, followed by rock candy syrup, peach brandy, and finally the rum. Garnish with a pineapple spear and a cherry

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