Gin & cheese

Botanical bursts and citric sparkles.

Issue: 10

ceptics be warned. Of all the spirits and cheese pairings we conducted, gin delighted us the most. Perhaps because it was unexpected, perhaps simply because it worked. We paired gin with fresh goat cheese and it brought out the citrus notes and botanicals in the spirit.

Gin & cheese

Our recommended pairing:

Tanqueray London Dry gin (we drank it on the rocks, but a splash of tonic and a twist of lime also works) with Irish goat cheeses, Ryefield and St Tola. The goats graze on an abundance of vegetation, not only grass, but also herbs, flowers, leaves and even roots. This varied diet produces a brighter, more citric feel in the goat milk and the resulting cheese.

A perfectly light aperitif for the fairer sex. Unexpectedly fantastic.

Why Ryefield: The creaminess of the Ryefield goat cheese brings out the sweetness and botanicals of the Tanqueray London Dry. A sip of the gin after a bite of Ryefield was all sweetness, citrus and botanicals with no bitterness.

Why St Tola: This organic goat cheese's fresh crumbly texture, natural wrinkled rind and slightly nutty sharpness enhanced the complexity of the botanicals in the gin. When paired with the St Tola, the gin was drier, with sharp citrus notes and a wider range of botanicals.

We recommend experimenting with a range of gins and fresh goat cheeses to find your perfect 10.

St. Tola, Ryefield and other fine goat cheeses can be found at La Fromagerie in London. Purchase gift boxes online for delivery throughout the UK.

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