Take time to enjoy premium vodka, distilled over charcoal for purity and taste. Choose from flavoured vodka, or luxury vodka, both with premium taste and great looks for the ultimate gift set. Originally from Russia and Poland, then shared around the world, vodka is the spirit of the times, and a clear winner when it comes to cocktails.

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Craft & heritage

Discover vodka

Vodka is a supremely clean and crisp-tasting white spirit, which works well in countless modern cocktails. read more »

Spirited Away

The land of Cîroc

Douglas Blyde's interest in artisanal vodka sees him to Cognac, to meet the founder of Cîroc read more »


Cîroc Coconut Cocktail

The Alexander & James team embraces the motto that miserable weather calls for sunny drinks. read more »