Tanqueray No. Ten 70cl

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70cl  Bottle • 47% ABV
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Tanqueray No. Ten has won so many awards that, in 2003, a string of unprecedented wins prompted the San Francisco World Spirits Competition to create its revered International Hall of Fame. A craft of lavishly small batches, this is one exceptionally smooth gin.

Tanqueray No. Ten will be delivered in a luxury gift box.
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  • Tanqueray No. Ten 70cl
  • Tanqueray No. Ten 70cl
The whole fruit
Tanqueray No. Ten uses chamomile flower, white grapefruit, orange and lime, and is the only gin to include the entire fruit - juice, pips, pith and all.
Itsy bitsy
Distillation happens in the tiny no.10 still – 400 litres compared to 10,000 litres for Tanqueray London Dry’s no.4 still – to capture deep fruit essence.
Pure heart
Most gins discard 10% of distillate as impure, leaving 90% ‘heart’. Tanqueray No. Ten discards 40% of distillate to preserve a more discerning 60% heart.

Signature Serves

Tiny Ten

Tanqueray No. Ten is perfect for recreating classic gin cocktails of the 'roaring' twenties and thirties.

Signature Serves
When you drop the grapefruit into the shaker, give it a light squeeze to help infuse the flesh and oils with the gin.
Tiny Ten

How to make it

  1. 35ml Tanqueray No. Ten
  2. 15ml simple syrup
  3. Quarter of a pink grapefruit, squeezed

Put all in the ingredients in a shaker with ice. Strain and serve in a chilled martini glass.
13.1g alcohol / 1.7 standard units
Did You Know?
Tanqueray No. Ten is the first white spirit to enter the San Francisco spirit awards Hall of Fame.
Art deco lines inspire Tanqueray No. Ten’s bottle, evoking the 1920-30s golden age of gin cocktails.
Within just eight months of launch in the US in 2000, Tanqueray No. Ten won seven top awards.

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