Pampero Aniversario

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One of the most awarded rums in the world, Venezuela’s Pampero Aniversario is a very special blend of the finest rums chosen from the iconic distiller’s Exclusive Reserve - each aged up to four years in whisky or sherry casks. Believe your eyes, this impossibly dark-chocolate liquid is as powerful, complex and creamy as it looks. Think sticky treacle, cinnamon spice, tobacco and leather. Finished with a luxurious, fine-leather pouch – Pamero Aniversario is a dream gift for any connoisseur.

Pampero Aniversario will be delivered in a luxury gift box.
Finest Ingredients
Locally grown sugar cane reaches the distillery within 24 hours, ensuring the flavour and sugar content of the molasses remain of the highest quality.
Aged to perfection
A super-premium blend of rums, aged for up to 4 years in casks previously used for maturing whisky or sherry.
Equatorial Climate
Venezuela's high humidity, high temperatures, and nightly temperature drops provide intensive ageing conditions all year round, leading to a maturation rate approximately three times greater than that of scotch or cognac.

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