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We consider this the rum of connoisseurs. An intense blend of up to 25-year-old rums, it slowly matures in Zacapa’s 'House Above the Clouds', taking on a mix of sweet and spice, fruit and nut, among its smooth and rich flavours.

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Rich base
The Zacapa plantation, on the volcanic plains of Guatemala, boasts the best soil and sunshine for cultivating sugar cane.
Home grown
Ron Zacapa’s own strain of pineapple yeast extract is added to virgin sugar cane honey for slow fermentation before distillation in a copper column still.
Mixed about
Ron Zacapa XO blends rums of six to 25 years of age in casks that once held whisky, sherry and wine. A final ageing stage takes place in cognac barrels.

Signature Serves

Zacapa XO Neat

What a way to end dinner: sipping luxurious Zacapa XO over dessert or after coffee.

Signature Serves
The Riedel glass is designed to let Zacapa's rich aromas linger on the nose, giving you a fuller sensory experience.
Zacapa XO Neat
How to pour it
  1. 50ml Zacapa XO

Enjoy neat in a signature Zacapa XO Riedel glass.
15.8g alcohol / 2 standard units
Did You Know?
Ron Zacapa was named in honour of an eastern Guatemalan city on the occasion of the city’s centennial.
Ron Zacapa is the first rum to enter the San Francisco spirits awards International Hall of Fame.
The bottle’s hand-woven ‘petate’ band represents unity of sun and moon, heaven and earth.

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