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Bring a whole lot of glamour home with this gorgeous 1.75 litre bottle. Cîroc is the vodka choice of the hottest celebrities for a reason. It's the most innovative vodka you’ll find, thanks to its unconventional use of techniques normally reserved for making fine wines. Created entirely from grapes, Cîroc is distilled five times for an exquisitely smooth taste.

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Mellow five
A fifth distillation in a copper pot still achieves a super smoothness and refined, citrus-like nose.
Fruity source
The grapes are harvested from across France and distilled five times in the Cognac region to create a vodka of extraordinary clarity.
Cool techniques
Unlike grain, grapes don’t need heat to release their sugars. So this vodka is cold macerated, fermented and stored to preserve its fruity freshness.

Signature Serves

Cîroc Grape-tini

White grape juice accentuates and enhances the 'blanc' grape base that gives Cîroc its uniquely fresh taste.

Signature Serves
Serve your Cîroc shaken cocktails in a champagne flute to fully enjoy the decadence of this distinctly French vodka.
Cîroc Grape-tini

How to make it

  1. 45ml Cîroc
  2. 60ml white grape juice
  3. Frozen grape garnish

Rim a martini glass with white grape sugar. Shake the Cîroc and grape juice over crushed ice, strain into the glass and garnish with a frozen grape.
14.2g alcohol / 1.8 standard units

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