Cîroc Peach 70cl

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70cl  Bottle • 38% ABV
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True to Cîroc’s ultra luxury production process, this peach-infused vodka is made from French grapes, distilled five times and then blended with peach and other tropical fruits. Look for hints of citrus and the natural character of the grapes to provide a crisp finish to the primary layers of juicy peach.

Cîroc Peach will be delivered in a luxury gift box.
French grapes
Cîroc’s grapes are harvested from across France and distilled five times at the historic Distillerie de Chevanceaux to create a vodka of extraordinary clarity.
Years of experience
Jean-Sebastian Robiquet, Cîroc’s master distiller, has a rich family heritage in winemaking craftsmanship, allowing him to draw on years of experience and tradition to create Cîroc vodka.
New level
Inspired by a heritage of winemaking, Cîroc combines traditional techniques with contemporary processes usually reserved for fine wines.

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