Cîroc Red Berry 70cl

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70cl  Bottle • 38% ABV
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Cîroc vodka celebrates uniqueness at every turn and this red berry infusion is no exception. To make this notably balanced vodka, the grapes are cold fermented and distilled five times – the fifth distillation in a pot still, a process normally reserved for the creation of fine whiskey or brandy. The vodka is then infused with fresh raspberries and blackberries to make a perfect standalone drink (and an even better cocktail).

Cîroc Red Berry will be delivered in a luxury gift box.
Good alone, great together
Two grapes contribute to the Cîroc blend. The ugni blanc grape has a very smooth character slightly reminiscent of wine. The mauzac blanc grape lends an herbal and floral aroma to the vodka.
A la française
The name Cîroc comes from a combination two French words: cîme means peak and roche means rock.
Good neighborhood
If you plan to visit the Cognac region, consider a trip to the Ciroc chateau where the Cîroc master blender works his magic.

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