Ciroc Blue Steel 175cl

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175cl  Bottle • 40% ABV
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Our favourite vodka gets the Blue Steel treatment in this Limited Edition bottle from world famous fashion photographer Mario Testino. Produced using the finest French grapes, Cîroc is distilled five times in an Armagnac style pot still to create its distinct taste. The result is an exquisitely smooth, fresh vodka.

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Signature Serves

Cîroc Blue Steel

The only way for any discerning male model to enjoy Cîroc

Signature Serves
It’s so hot right now.
Cîroc Blue Steel

How to make it

  1. 35ML Cîroc Vodka
  2. 10ML Blue Curaçao
  3. 10ML Fresh Lemon and sweet cicely seed syrup
  4. 10ML Regal Rogue Bianco
  5. Top with Champagne (use a light, fresh Champagne)

Fill your shaker with ice and add all the ingredients except the champagne. Shake hard, fine strain into a martini glass and top off with some bubbles.

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