Royal Lochnagar Selected Reserve

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From a distillery that neighbours Balmoral Castle, this malt is well deserving of the royal prefix it was granted in 1848. Assessable yet complex, this single malt is anything but obvious. The blend contains malts long-aged in sherry casks, making it an excellent digestive.

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  • Royal Lochnagar Selected Reserve
  • Royal Lochnagar Selected Reserve
The royals in Lochnagar
In 1848 Queen Victoria and Prince Albert visited the distillery and were impressed enough to grand a royal warrant.
Visitors of distinction
The Royal connection has meant that the distillery has played host to a string of famous visitors, many of them British prime ministers taking an hour or so off between meetings with the monarch of the day at Balmoral.
Good things, small packages
Royal Lochnagar is one of the smallest distilleries in Scotland, will a small and therefore rare production.

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